DTF Gang Sheet Builder (Auto Builder)
by Antigro Designer

Revolutionize DTF Gang Sheet Creation with The New Auto Builder Feature!

Boost your sales with the first-ever DTF Gang Sheet Auto Builder, which enables you to streamline your workflow and increase your business profits. Say goodbye to endless messages and misunderstandings. Let the DTF Gang Sheet Builder create the gang sheets for your customers and focus on printing!

DTF Gang Sheet Builder
Integrate seamlesly with your sales channels

We are always available to help you integrate our tools with the platforms you already use. Our development team did their best to make Antigro Designer compatible with your current sales channels. Just click, we’ll do the rest!

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Advanced technology that automatically nest graphics and adjust the proper size of the gang sheet

With our autonesting feature, offer your customers the convenience of ordering the prints they need without the hassle of creating sheets for printing! DTF Gang Sheet Auto Builder is specifically designed to automate the creation of sheets for DTF printing. Our tool automatically generates a sheet with uploaded graphics. Customers simply choose their desired print size, and the software automatically creates a gang sheet in the smallest possible dimensions. This innovation streamlines the file creation process, greatly pleases customers with the rapid production of gang sheets, and most importantly, leads to increased conversion rates in your business. By reducing manual intervention and optimizing the printing process, DTF Gang Sheet Builder not only enhances customer satisfaction but also improves operational efficiency for printing businesses.


A library of designs that will inspire customers to order more DTF gang sheets from you

Enhance your offerings by giving your customers the possibility to use additional graphics on their gang sheets. Regularly updating the graphics library with current trends positions the printing house as a key source for fashionable prints, attracting a wider audience and fostering customer loyalty. Give your customers a unique and dynamic shopping experience that encourages repeat orders and referrals through personal recommendations.

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Optimize Material Usage

With DTF Gang Sheet Builder (Auto Builder), neither you nor your customers have to spend time organizing files for printing! Now, files can be automatically organized in a way that requires the smallest possible size of the gang sheet. Delight your customers with the option to automatically create sheets for printing with their selected graphics. Our innovative builder not only saves time but also optimizes material usage, leading to cost savings for both you and your clients. Additionally, the intuitive interface of the DTF Gang Sheet Auto Builder ensures a user-friendly experience, making the process accessible and efficient for everyone!


Limit the number of abandoned carts by offering the fastest order fulfillment

Provide your customers with the quickest possible way to create DTF gang sheets for printing. With the DTF Gang Sheet Builder, the process of ordering graphics is faster than with any other creator, reducing the risk that customers will abandon their gang sheet creation due to a lengthy and complicated process. This streamlined approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also increases the likelihood of repeat orders.

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Automate the workflow and create DTF gang sheets for your customers quickly, accurately and efficiently

Save both your time and your customers’ time by letting the DTF Gang Sheet Builder organize your customers’ files for printing. The next level of automation allows customers to simply select the graphics for printing, choose their preferred sizes, and have the gang sheets automatically created by the builder. This enhancement in automation not only streamlines the process but also ensures precision and efficiency in every order.


Always the highest quality with the DPI quality check

We check the quality of each uploaded image.
Your clients will be notified if their graphic is below 300 DPI, so you won’t get complaints about low-quality prints.
DPI quality check DTF
White color removal DTF

No more images with the white background

It happens quite often, right?
Your clients upload a graphic with white background and then you need to edit it. Now, your clients can remove the white color with just one click.

No excessive transparent pixels around the image

Your clients have problems with sizing their images when there is a lot of dead space around the image. Our tool trims the transparent space, so sizing is much easier!
DPI quality check DTF
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