FAQ – Gang Sheet Builder

Frequently Asked Questions – Delve into a comprehensive guide on the implementation timeline of Antigro’s Gang Sheet Builder, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process for your printing needs. Discover the robust security features designed to protect your unique designs, including advanced watermarking techniques that safeguard your intellectual property. Learn how these features integrate seamlessly into your workflow, providing peace of mind and enhanced control over your creative assets. Get detailed insights into the user-friendly interface of the Gang Sheet Builder, designed to simplify your printing process while maintaining the highest standards of security and customization.

Am I able to add my own designs to the library?

Yes, in our Gang Sheet Builder you can upload your own graphics and allow customers to purchase prints of your artworks

Is there a limit to the number of my own graphics I can add to the library?

No, we don’t want to limit your business, so there is no restriction on the number of graphics you can upload to the library in the Gang Sheet Builder. For user experience reasons, there may be a maximum of 300 graphics in one category, but there is no limit to the number of available categories.

How long does it take to implement the software?

The implementation of Gang Sheet Builder typically takes 3-5 working days.

Is there any protection against the customers downloading the designed sheet?

We ensure that your artwork placed in our creator is completely secure. It is not possible for your customers to download the file from the creator. When a client creates the project, a watermark is displayed on your graphics, providing protection against any attempts to steal the graphics, such as taking a screenshot during project creation.

Does the watermark disappear in the ready-to-print file?

Yes, the ready-to-print file that you can download from the administrator panel is in full resolution and does not contain watermarks.

Can I turn off the watermark functionality?

The security of your graphics is extremely important to us, so the watermark functionality is enabled by default. Currently, we do not offer the option to turn it off.

How long does it take to generate the file prepared by the customer in the creator?

Depending on the size of the file to be printed, the time it takes to generate it ranges from a few seconds to a maximum of several minutes.

Is it possible to generate files for UV DTF?

Yes, the DTF Gang Sheet Builder can create files for UV DTF, as well as GLITTER DTF or GLOW DTF.

Does the customer have access to the ready-to-print file?

No, the ready-to-print file is only accessible by you and/or your employees

Is DTF Gang Sheet Builder integrated with Shopify / Etsy / Woo / Ebay?

Yes, our software works on most of the available sales platforms, including Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Ebay, GoDaddy, Big Commerce and many, many more.

My business mainly operates seasonally. If I don’t have orders from customers during a particular period, will I still have to pay for the system?

No, our business model is structured so that we only charge for downloading ready-to-print files. We do not have a fixed subscription fee, so if your company doesn’t process orders during a given period, you will not incur any costs related to our system.

Can I configure the sizes of the generated ready-to-print files?

Yes, when you register in our system for the first time, we ask for the dimensions of the DTF sheets you want to make available to your customers. Based on this information, we prepare sheet sizes for creating Gang Sheets. If you want to change them later, simply inform your project manager about it.

How long are the orders and files available in the administrator panel?

By default, files are stored in the administrator panel for 90 days. However, this duration can be individually configured based on your business needs.

Does the creator display product prices?

No, the DTF Gang Sheet Builder does not display product prices. Prices can be viewed in your store before using our creator, and then, after creating the ready-to-print sheet, they will be displayed in the shopping cart. If the customer modifies the quantity of ordered sheet in the basket, information about the price change will also be available.

Is the language of the creator configurable? In what language versions does the creator work?

Yes, our system currently supports 12 language versions: English, Polish, German, Romanian, Slovak, Czech, Spanish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Italian and French. We continue to add more languages as our company grows.

What happens if the customer prepares a file in the DTF Gang Sheet Builder but does not pay for it?

During the project creation, the client can save a link that allows them to return to the project for further editing later. Until the customer confirms (pays for the product), we do not charge you any fees. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about additional costs generated by abandoned and unpaid projects.

How long is the contract signed for?

As a rule, we do not require contracts to be signed. You are not obligated to use our system for a specified period of time.

In what formats do you provide files for printing?

Files can be generated in either PDF or PNG format.