Explore the key features of Gang Sheet Builder 2.0 that set it apart from DTF Gang Sheet Builder 1.0 and other available builders

The DTF Gang Sheet Builder 2.0 is a comprehensive tool that not only enables your clients to effortlessly create ready-to-print DTF files but also allows these files to be automatically generated by the builder! Our creator accelerates the ordering and printing process by enabling all your customers, even those without professional design software skills, to independently prepare ready-to-print files. This significantly reduces the time your graphic designers would otherwise spend creating files according to customer requirements and makes the order processing faster than ever before. Drawing on nearly three years of expertise in the gang sheet builder field and after analyzing numerous sessions to observe the gang sheet creation process, we have reinvented the gang sheet builder to meet all the needs of DTF printing customers.

Reinvented Builder: From streamlining the creation process to enabling the automatic creation of gang sheets by the builder.

A revolutionary change in the DTF gang sheet creation process enables the Gang Sheet Builder to fully automate the entire procedure. With this new feature, neither you nor your customers need to spend time applying graphics for printing on the gang sheet. Now, the work is performed by the real builder, which automatically nests graphics on the sheets using the smallest possible space. This functionality minimizes material usage and simultaneously reduces the chances of errors that could occur when customers manually place graphics on the gang sheet. It represents the next level of print-ready file creation. While DTF Gang Sheet Builder 1.0 streamlined the process of creating DTF gang sheets, DTF Gang Sheet Builder 2.0 takes it a step further by fully automating the process, making it unbelievably fast.

Sheet size auto adjustment: Provide your customers with greater freedom in choosing DTF gang sheet sizes.

With the DTF Gang Sheet Builder 2.0, you can easily offer your customers a wider range of DTF gang sheet sizes tailored to their individual needs. At the beginning of the design process, your customers are not required to select the final size of the DTF gang sheet. Instead of limiting them to a few predefined gang sheet sizes, you can enable your customers to upload their graphics to the builder, specify the sizes, and select how many pieces of each design they need. After this, the creator automatically adjusts the gang sheet size to match the ordered graphics. This approach ensures that your customers do not have to leave empty space on the gang sheet or add additional graphics just to fill the remaining space.

Verifying the DPI of the graphics: Control the resolution of graphics before inserting them onto the gang sheet.

With the new and improved process of adding graphics to gang sheets, your customers now have the chance to verify the resolution of the graphics earlier. Based on the suggested DPI, they can resize graphics of insufficient quality before the gang sheet is created. This feature enables the verification of graphic quality and allows for edits at the very start of the sheet creation process. Consequently, customers can bypass time-consuming corrections later on and immediately add graphics of the correct size, ensuring their prints look perfect.

Adding text and additional designs to the gang sheet: Manually editing the gang sheets after automatic creation of the file.

After the gang sheet with uploaded graphics is automatically generated by the builder, your customers have the opportunity to verify the layout of the graphics on the sheet and add additional text or designs. This allows for a significant reduction in the time spent creating the sheet by automating the distribution of graphics, while still maintaining control over the created sheets. By being able to add text in various fonts and change the positions of individual graphics on the sheet, your clients feel a continuous sense of control over their orders and are fully satisfied with the results. Give customers two benefits: a faster file creation process through automation and full control over the final appearance of the files.

Easy promotion of your designs: Library of designs available at the beginning of DTF gang sheet creation 

DTF Gang Sheet Builder 2.0 makes it easier to promote your library of designs and encourage your customers to order additional graphics from your printing house. In the first step of the DTF gang sheet creation process, you can give your clients the opportunity to select graphics from your design library and include them in the gang sheet created in the next step. Delight your customers with a clear gallery of designs, divided into categories, so they can easily find the graphics that interest them. By simplifying the selection process, you can not only enhance the customer experience but also increase the likelihood of additional purchases.

Additional possibilities for graphic editing: Removing white backgrounds and automatically trimming transparent pixels.

With the DTF Gang Sheet Builder 2.0, you can enable your customers to edit uploaded graphics by removing the white background and automatically trimming transparent pixels, helping them accurately measure the real sizes of individual graphics. This feature allows your customers to precisely adjust the size of the graphics without considering the transparent frame included in the graphics. Streamline the process of creating ready-to-print files for your customers and eliminate the need for using additional graphic editing systems. These enhancements not only save time but also simplify the overall design process for your customers by providing a more efficient, all-in-one solution.